Singlemint Roadmap

A quick look at what's around the corner

NFT Collections

Launch Breaking Badimals AI collection

Scheduled release: October 2022

Launch Top 5000 Albums of All Time

Scheduled release: November 2022

Regular new collections

Scheduled release: Ongoing

Other activity

VIP perks and merchandise

Scheduled release: December 2022

Ongoing artist partnerships

Scheduled release: Ongoing

Continued onboarding of artists to contribute original content to the collections.

Artist NFT service

Scheduled release: Q2 2023

Launch the facility for artists to create their own collections, sell NFTs, VIP perks and merchandise.

Metaverse Integrations

Scheduled release: Q4 2023

We'll integrate with various metaverse-based games and platforms to allow our NFTs to be showcased in the metaverse.